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Estelle AE


(Salemspride Cheeto x Drink Water Katana)

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby - F2

Born: 2 / 17 / 2022

Lucca AE


(Zafarii Written In The Stars x Growingupsavann Cleopatra)

Silver STB - F6

Born: 4 / 22 / 2023

Sharing the love, passion, and experience of the beautiful Savannah.

Please do your research they are an amazing lifetime experience and all in commitment.

Tons to learn but we are here to help anytime with your questions.

So much love and time goes into them thank you for your understanding.


What is a Savannah?

Breed Overview

PERSONALITY: Affectionate and social with owners, pets, and older children; intelligent and trainable

WEIGHT: 12 to 25 pounds (depending on the generation)

LENGTH: 20 to 22 inches (depending on the generation)

COAT LENGTH: Short to medium hair

COAT COLOR: Tawny, black/brown spotted tabby, black/silver spotted tabby, or black smoke with a solid or tabby pattern

COAT PATTERNS: Spotted, striped, or solid

EYE COLOR: Amber or green

LIFESPAN: Up to 20 years


ORIGIN: Africa (serval), varied locations (domestic cat)

The Savannah cat makes an excellent companion in the right home. They're sociable with people and pets, highly intelligent, and always willing to greet their owners with friendly head bumps. A Savannah cat may follow their owner around the house like a dog and are often described as "Velcro cats." Some aren't the type of cat to sleep all day and cuddle on your lap so they need a home that will give them plenty of exercise and playtime. The Ziggy Doo Wheel is highly recommended. 

Savannahs generally get along well with other cats and dogs, and they're good with older children (toddlers may be easily overwhelmed by these large, playful cats). When buying a Savannah cat, choose a breeder who has socializes the kittens in a home with other pets and or kids so that they are not shy or fearful of these interactions.


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